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Jon De porter

The life and career of Jon De Porter evolve around the unstoppable quest for glamorous and decadent beauty in every way. The Montreal born, Toronto based jewelry designer veered off his fashion design path after visiting the Beijing Pearl market. In his opinion, pearls are too often considered conservative and elitist. His designs showcase them in a way that reaches a new level of modernity and fashionability. All of that is done while keeping the price point accessible to a broad audience. The Jon De Porter woman is strong, confident, and in control of her own life. She appreciates quality and classic styles in her wardrobe but also enjoys making occasional statements with her Jewelry.

She is well aware of what suits her and knows how to obtain it. Jon De Porter was invited to design jewelry collections for well known local and international designers and is quickly becoming a brand that Canadians can be proud to call their own. His bridal collection is available at Kleinfeld at Hudon’s Bay and the regular collection by appointment.