2015 The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent, Accessories Nominees

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The Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent, Accessories Nominees

The Swarovski Emerging Talent of the Year Award for Accessory Design will be presented to an innovative Canadian designer who is emerging as a true creative force in Canadian fashion.


Kat Marks

‘I have always lived to create in honest abandon. Everything I do serves as a beacon to inspire others and illuminate new ideas. I do this by following the natural flow of creativity and bringing together those who share my vision. I believe in creating rebellious fashion without boundaries.’ Kat Marks is a creative leader in fashion enterprise and design. Her creativity motivates all aspects of her process – research, design and craft. Read More…




Beaufille is a Toronto, Canada based womenswear and accessories brand founded by sisters Chloe and Parris Gordon. Beaufille is a contemporary line that references historical design elements within a modern context to create a sophisticated tough girl aesthetic. “Beaufille represents every girl who has an eye for sophisticated construction and who appreciates the juxtaposition between old and new.” Read More…



Noelle Hindi & Alex Cirka, The Leather Atelier

The Leather Atelier is a Toronto based accessories brand founded in 2012 by designers Noelle Hindi and Alex Cirka. Their approach to artisanal leather craft is innovated into the future by creating custom developed leather treatments across a range of bags, jewelry, tech/home accessories & art objects. With high attention to detail, leather is transformed using digital manipulation techniques combined with artisanal methods of leather craftsmanship. Read More…



Jon De Porter

The life and career of Jon De Porter evolve around the unstoppable quest for glamorous and decadent beauty in every way. The Montreal born, Toronto based jewelry designer veered off his fashion design path after visiting the Beijing Pearl market. In his opinion, pearls are too often considered conservative and elitist. His designs showcase them in a way that reaches a new level of modernity and fashionability. All of that is done while keeping the price point accessible to a broad audience. Read More…